D1.1      Report on Cognitive Computing State-of-the-Art

D1.2      Operational Concept for the E-PILOT and Simulation Framework Requirements

D1.3      E-PILOTS Roadmap

D2.1      Report on Cognitive Sensor Net characterization system

D2.2      Report on the Physiological characterization system

D3.1      Report of the Decision tree model and its validation

D3.2      Report on the E-pilot decision support functionalities profile adaptation

D3.3      Report on the error reporting module

D4.1      Report on the E-pilot Performance

D5.1      E-PILOTS Verification and Validation Report

D6.1      Plan for dissemination and exploitation

D7.1      Proof of signature of the Consortium Agreement

D7.2      Data Management Plan

D7.3      Project Results Report

D8.1      H – POPD – Requirement No. 1

Advisory Board Minutes 14-11-2019

E-PILOTS Datasets